Here's what clients are saying about working with Suzie

Suzie Joseph has just the strengths we needed when we were buying our home.

Insightful - Suzie was extremely quick to focus on just what we were looking for in a new home.  We weren't flooded with listings but the ones she did select were very appropriate - and often early in the listing cycle.

Proactive - She was very good at giving us early alerts for homes that were coming up. Being early was a big advantage, giving us extra time to think and get acquainted with the property.

Sense of timing - Suzie really stepped up to encourage us to make an offer on a home that we really wanted.  We thought our contingencies would sink the deal but she worked with the sellers' agent to reassure us that submitting our offer made sense.  We had to move quickly but she made it all work and now it's our fantastic new home.

Punctual - Buying a home requires so many meet ups!  Suzie was always very accommodating to meet us on our eager schedule.  She is *extremely* punctual, never missing being on time to meet us.  This is more important than you might think until you're in the middle of a hunt.

Rapport - She works very well with her real estate colleagues and never hesitated to reach out to them for information and negotiation. 

- Alan and Lani Harriman


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