A Gallery of Beautiful Homes we've Sold as Listing Agents

As Listing Agents, we love the challenge of helping our clients get their properties ready for the market, with such pre-market responsibilities as property inspections, managing repairs and in some cases, exciting staging. The marketing responsibilities including pricing, professional real estate photography, descriptive text, managing web sites, coordinating broker's open houses as well as public open houses are tools we use to get the best price and terms for our sellers. 


A Gallery of Beautiful Homes we've Sold as Selling Agents

As Selling Agents, we love the challenge of finding out the essence of what a buyer is looking for to match what they might have in mind. Educating buyers to the unique communities and what each community has to offer as far as a living experience is as a delightful experience for us as it is for our buyers. It is truly a joy to help clients find their perfect property in one of the wonderful communities in Santa Cruz County.